Friday, June 15, 2012

Jason Lezak

Josh will be so mad that I put this on the blog because he doesn't want to brag, but as the wife that had to support him the whole 3 years so he could accomplish his goal I get to brag. Josh the very first year didn't do as well as he would of liked in law school. It really bothered him because he knew he was better than that and so he made it a goal to do better and his hope was to make it into the top 10%. Josh would joke that he was going to be just like Jason Lezak the American swimmer who came from behind and win the Gold. A few of his really close friends caught wind of it and would joke around with him too. They re-printed his name for his study carol and then Josh had a collage picture up as motivation. So those that didn't know him probably thought he was a little gay, having a collage picture of a guy swimmer.  
Today Josh just found out he brought home the Gold! I am so proud of him and all his hard work. I love him so much and hope he doesn't get too mad I posted this!


  1. ha! i got a kick out of this! way to go josh for taking home the gold!! i'm proud of you, too. :) and that video was awesome to watch. :) i love you guys.

  2. Josh that really is AMAZING! good job! We think you are great! we love you