Friday, February 17, 2012

I Love my Boys

I love to do little things for the boys for each holiday, and this year I was grateful I inherited that trait from my mom. She did a good job of celebrated Valentines Day with the boys while I was at work. The boys woke up to a ballon and some chocolate which is nice that it does not ever take much. Josh's sisters, Shaunie and Kelli, and parents sent a little Valentine in the mail with some sprinkles and heart shaped cookie cutters so my mom made cookies for the boys to decorate and then take to a few people in the ward(his sunbeam teacher, the girls that babysit him in the ward, and one of the other ladies in the ward that Lincoln just loves. He will go into Sunbeans as long as Mary is in there)! Then I came home with a heart shaped pizza--pepperoni and black olives, the boys favorite, and they just loved it. I love hate this holiday! I feel like it is always busy if you want to go our, flowers are triple the price they normally are and I dont want Josh to feel obligated to get me something. We normally say okay this year don't do anything and then I think at the end of the day i am a little disappointed! This year i think Josh learned. I came home to flowers, chocolates and a card! I love flowers I love and would never complain but I will say I would rather flowers randomly throughout the year then paying triple to price on the holidays. Like I said if I didn't get the flowers I probably would of been disappointed so i think my husband knows me better. Hints the love hate for the holiday!
I am so lucky to have the 3 kids we have and especially lucky for Josh. I love each one of them for different reason and couldn't imagine not having them. Lincoln has the sweetest personality. Although a little shy which is hard at times, he out of no where will look over at you and give you the best smile! He is such a good big brother to both boys. Very smart and our little cuddle bug! When Shane starts to cry he will take (normally his train) a toy and shake in front of his face to make him happy. Trey is full of life, and has such an endearing personality. He walks around with a smile on his face, but is definitely very mischievous. He loves both of his brothers. He does a good job of playing on his own but loves the attention Lincoln gives him. He is so good with Shane. He pays a lot more attention to Shane. Always giving kisses and wants to hold him, or during tummy time will come and lay with him. Shane has been our neediest baby in that he loves to be held and bounced around. As he gets a little older he is a lot more content to lay on the floor. He is such a happy baby. He smiles at anyone and talks a lot. He is very much a momma's boy! I love hate it. It is definitely a lot better now but it used to be that he was only happy if I was holding him. But he lights up whenever he sees me and it makes my day. He is an awesome sleeper, at night and only at night! goes down around 830 and wakes up at 7. It really is heaven!
Josh- I couldn't imagine my life without him. I feel like we have not been together long enough to accomplish as much as we have in our married life! 3 kids his 2 degrees, my hygiene degree, and about 3 months away from a 3rd and finial degree! I know can you believe the time has come! I feel like we have gone through a lot of rough with finances, kids, SCHOOL, work and much more, but yet each moment we get to be together I remember why i married him. He makes me smile, he is the best dad, and he loves me. I know that as life goes on we will battle different trials but we will battle together and it makes it seem that much easier!
I love my boys

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