Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Floating the River and FISHING!!!

Working him too hard! Skipping rocks!! Boys will be BOYS! Packing up!! Under the Bridge! Lincoln would of done this over and over again! Tired boy!! Slept for almost 2 hours! Still went in the freezing cold water but wasn't patient enough to catch anything First fish caught for the day! Lincoln couldn't believe it! Fishing with Daddy! Happy as always Lincoln didn't really care to hold the worm Lincoln helping Papa get the fishing rod ready Trey was so excited to get in the water but didn't know it was so cold!! He only lasted a few seconds, and then wanted out! WHen we decided to come, Papa Petersen told Lincoln he would take them fishing. He has never been but all he did was talk about Papa Petersen taking him fishing. We were a little worried he wouldn't like it because he can get a little shy with new things but he loved it!! Oh and of course one of my favorite parts!! ICE CREAM on the way home, family tradition!

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