Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Breakfast in bed... except half of Treys pancake to daddy didn't make it! I am so grateful for all the dads in my life! Josh is such a great dad! He is so busy with school and not able to be around as much as he would like but every moment he is, he just loves those boys to pieces! You see him light up every time he talks about them, and probably to other people talks about them too much! I am also grateful to Josh's dad for the example he set for Josh. I know Josh has learned a lot from him and I couldn't be more thankful for such a great father in-law. I am especially grateful for my dad and all he has done for me. As I parent my own kids I find each day i grow a greater appreciation for my own parents. I'm grateful for the close relationship I have with my dad. Grateful I am able to work with him and even more grateful I'm close enough with him to know my dad's little corks. Happy Fathers Day Dads!!

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