Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Baby is 1!!!

Look at how little he was! I really can't believe where this last year went! I feel like it was just yesterday and we were singing Happy Birthday to Lincoln on his 1st birthday! Well i guess we were! Really this last year has been busy but has been a lot of fun! Walking at 11 months and now all over the place. Now Josh plays football with the boys and when Trey gets the ball, he walks as fast as he can, laughing the whole time!(He thinks he is so fast) He loves Lincoln, and wants to do everything he is doing, except for eating. We wish Lincoln would take after his little brother and eat at least half of what he does! Definitely starting to talk a little, soccer, ball, thank-you(this is one is very new) momma, dadda, and tries to repeat everything. Now knows how to point at what he wants which helps. Sleeps in the same room as his big brother and one of our favorite things is listening to them laugh in the mornings when they wake up. Trey is a very sweet natured kid, and is always happy. Staring to voice his opinion but normally laughing. Trey was our happy surprise and I couldn't imagine life without him. He makes everyone around him smile!


  1. Oh my gosh it has been a year? Crazy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little boy.

  2. Very sweet little man. You know, it's amazing how much Lincoln looks like Josh even with the pale skin and blue eyes. Every time Lincoln would show up in a picture with Trey and my kids would ask who he was I'd almost answer "Josh."