Friday, July 09, 2010

THE BIG 3-0!!

Yup, can you believe it, 30!!! 2 weeks ago we celebrated Joshs 30th birthday and I will have to say every thing turned out great! We had a dual party for him and my dad. It was golf themed, so we started out playing a little round of mini golf, and then went back to our house for a little party with some of our friends. Later we watched a little video fom his friends and family of favorite memories, which turned out great, and thank you to everyone who helped!
These are pictures of the treats and the cake we made... i wish i could take all the credit for the cake but Kelly Weaver helped me a ton. She is super talented, if you cant tell!


  1. Those cookies are ADORABLE! I liked the mini golf pictures too. Happy Birthday Josh!

  2. Everything Looks SOOOO cute!!! I was wondering how the video went. looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!