Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lincoln, playing with Collin

Collin wanted to go outside and play, so then of course Lincoln was right there behind him! I left them to just play a little bit together in the backyard, and later came to check on them, finding Lincoln wet! I asked Collin, why is Lincoln so wet. he said well I filled the wheel-barrel up with water and he was sticking his hand in it to play. I said, Collin he is too little to reach in there, not lie, just tell me why he is so wet. He then said "okay fine i squirted him with the hose, okay Jacqs". I just died, it was so funny! They played really well together the whole trip, until Collin figured out that when Lincoln would get in trouble he would have to go to time out, so Collin loved finding ways to get Lincoln in trouble.


  1. those pictures of them together are SO cute! that was so funny hearing you out there asking collin why lincoln was wet. =)

  2. HAHAHA that's too funny gotta love little kid's attitude. Too darling.