Friday, February 26, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys!!

Lincoln loves to be outside. If he is ever in a whinny or bad mood, you take him outside and he couldn't be happier. Lincoln has now found is own way to get outside when ever he wants... through the doggy door. He has been doing this for a while now and it's nice for me b/c if I am feeding Trey or needing to be with Trey for whatever reason he will just go play out there by himself. Well, yesterday we were getting dinner ready and just hanging out, and i looked outside to check on Lincoln and he had found the big flower pot full of dirt. He was using the dust pan to scoop out the dirt and put everywhere. It was in him hair, down his shirt, in his diaper and all over the ground. I guess this is just part of having boys, and I can only imagine as Trey gets older the worse and the dirtier they will get.


  1. that is so funny. i like how he uses the doggy door! =)

  2. Oh! Look what a mess he is! I love it that he uses the doggy door. What a funny boy. I can't imagine what he and Sebastien will do when the cousins finally get together!

  3. Haha that looks like a yummy stick there ;) That's hilarious.