Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our Little Buckeyes

Lincoln is doing okay with Trey, just a lot more needy and not sure what he thinks. He likes the attention he gets when he is sweet with Trey but hates it when Josh or I are with Trey and not him! I expected him to notice a little but not as much as he is (only because of his age).

Lincoln is so into his Daddy right now! I dont know if its because he is not here alot with school and is liking him being home or what, but always needs him to be holding him or right by him if he is around. It is really cute to watch!! During the Ohio State game he was watching Josh and started to copy him. He would stand right next to him and say "go", clap his hands, and yell at the t.v. when Josh did. It was so stinking cute, i was glad i caught it on video.


  1. You got such great shots of them together!