Sunday, November 22, 2009

One More Picture!

If you didn't notice, dad was trying to be in the background of most of the pictures, so to humor him I needed to post at least one picture! Otherwise, all his efford would be worthless!!!


  1. It looks like he had a great time. Mason loves balls too. We are a little worried about putting the Tree up for Christmas becasue anything round he thinks it's a ball and he can throw it. I loved seeing all the pictures, 1st Birthdays are so fun and you should go all out.

  2. Oh I miss you too!!! Im sad you live so far away! How are things going? Ok and I really cant belive that Lincoln is 1 already!!! Time goes by way to fast!

  3. I'm sad we missed Lincoln and Marian's birthday party! My whole family was in town for Sadie's blessing.

    Will you e-mail me your mailing address ( I want to send you guys a Christmas card.