Friday, September 11, 2009

Buckeye Time...

So after a long awaited summer, it's finally football season!! Every year Josh is like a little kid getting ready for Christmas!! Everyday he would say only X amount until the big day!!! Then the night before we were in bed and he turns to me and says, I cant sleep I'm too excited!! Nothing new, its like this every year and pretty much every friday night! I took this picture last week and thought it was just too cute, I think one of my favorites.
Ill post the schedule, in case anyone cares to watch but tomorrow is supposed to be a big game Ohio State vs. USC at 7:00- Josh thinks Ohio State will get killed but of course he will watch every second on the game!


  1. that picture is SO cute!! i love it! =)

  2. brainwash them young. thats my motto :) yay for football season!

  3. Hey why are you never responding to me??? Did you tell Shannon about that moving company? I would be sooo mad! Just last weekend I told Jeff "I really miss visits from Josh and Jacks"