Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fathers Day and Birthday

I know everyday we should show how much we love and appreciate our dad's but what a great day to really express how grateful we are. Josh and I are so lucky to have the dad's we have and the support we have from both of them. Josh and I have been lucky because we have been able to grow close to each others dad's and grow a respect and love for them as well. Something most can't say, so we feel very lucky!
It was really fun for me to celebrate fathers day for Josh... we let him sleep in, and then made breakfast when he was ready for it! Lincoln got him some new clippers(mainly b/c ours are so bad) but then we wanted to do something that would be fun for him to have. I know we will have more kids but Lincoln was the first to make Josh a dad, so i wanted something for his first official fathers Day! So we set up the table with pictures of Lincoln and Josh together and then made a new frame that has pictures of them around it!
2 days later we celebrated Josh's Birthday, with brownies and drinks, at the softball field... that is where we are most of this days anyways. Then over the weekend Josh's mom watched Lincoln as we went out for dinner for the first time just he and I since Lincoln was born. As much as we love Lincoln it was so nice... I am so grateful for Josh and all he does! One of the things I have always loved most about Josh and especially when we were dating was how much he loves kids. Now that we have Lincoln its even more! He is such a great dad who is always willing to help and seeing him with Lincoln is so endearing. I love him for his accoplishments and his accoplishments to come. The goals he has set and moving forward with them no matter what has come in the way. I love him for his testimony of the gospel and desire to always be better. I couldn't have a better best friend and I could never imagine life without him! Happy 28th Birthday Baby!!! ;-)


  1. happy birthday and father's day, j! we love you! jacqs that frame is so cute!

  2. The frame you made is so cute!! What a great gift.