Sunday, July 27, 2008

24th of July

I had work off and Josh didn't have class so all day, we just played, played and played some more, but i didn't take one picture! ill have to steal some from everyone else. First Josh and John woke up for there 6am tee time. Those boys are crazy but Josh keeps saying this is his new favorite time! After there golf game we went to little cafe in North Oren- Callie's cafe, and it was so good. I think my new favorite breakfast place. Then we went to the pool for like 5 hours, finally got a little bit of color and It felt so good to just sit in the cool water. After the pool we went back down to Provo to play in a little pick up softball game. It started out as BP for out first tournament game on Saturday but then we had enough people to play a little game. After the game we went up to Suz's to watch some fireworks. I guess there is this guy that gets $300 dollar donations from his neighbors and puts on a show every year. It was right in Suz and Jeffs backyard, so it was a perfect view and they were really good. By this time I was about done! I had to get up the next morning for work at 7, and it came all too quick. But it was a really fun day... Josh asked me : you know those days that everything is just going right? Today is one of those days"

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  1. Houston said he saw ya'll at the mall! I was sad I missed you! Do you really want to get football tickets with us? It would be a lot of fun! Most of the friends we used to buy tickets with moved away this summer!