Sunday, March 02, 2008


For Valentines weekend we had planned to take a vocation to St. George, 1- because the weather is much better there and 2- Josh has wanted to visit Jeff and Kayla for months, maybe even years. He grew up with Jeff in Ohio and was good friends with Kayla as they dated and now married. So after the Valentines weekend didn't work we planned for a couple weekends after. We had such a blast and we want to make it down there a lot more often, maybe even live there.

Friday morning first thing Josh and I did was put on our shorts and t-shirts and went outside to throw the football around in the 70 degree weather... it was great. Then Jeff and Kayla bought us a couples massage for our one year anniversary, so we went to have that done, and i cant tell you how good that was. It was the best gift, i think that it is one of our favorite things. Then later that day we went to play sand volleyball. I wont rub it in too much but we did play best of three and Josh and I came out on top!!!! After our victory, we went to Texas Road house for a nice steak dinner. Then we decided to get in our suits and go to there neighborhood hot tub. Sadly it was not hot, it was freezing, so we just went home and talked and playeda game, but i think this time we got into bed before 2.

So Saturday morning we woke up, went to there nieces basketball game, which sadly they lost in overtime but it was a fun game. Kayla and I both had a hard time watching b/c she and i played in basketball competitively and we both felt like going out there to help them. After the game we picked up some fresh pineapple, subs and headed up to Zions. I had never been there before and it was so pretty. The first hike we stopped half way and had a little picnic and then headed to the top where there was this beautiful lookout point. Oh and I can't forget the two gay guys who took Kaylas camera to take a picture of a Raven, and then put his number in Joshs phone so he could call to send the pictures. Then we went on this other hike to these waterfalls, that were so beautiful. First of all waterfalls are my favorite so there was no going wrong, but it really was great. After the trip in Zions we came home had some pizza and then went over to Jeff's moms house for some round 2 hot tubing. This time it was hot and perfect, but we did have to pretty much drag Josh out, that is one of his favorite things to do. We got back to the house and both Kayla and I wanted some ice cream(another reason I love her) so the boys went and got us some, and then they introduced us to the Office. Josh and I are hooked. Give us about 3 week and we will have watched all of them.

It was like old times for Josh and Jeff and the four of us got along so well, but sadly we had to say good bye to our new besties!!! We had so much fun with Jeff Kayla and there little boy Cru (who by the way was so cute and so good, he was at most all the activities and was just content being outside having fun, i love him) but we will be back!

After we left, Josh wanted to show me around his old stopping grounds. The picture of him with the hospital sign was were we worked when he wanted to get experience because he thought he was going to med school. Then he realized he didn't like blood-- so that's why he is in the Accounting program. Then the pictures of the house or trailer is where he used to live. He said that it does have a new coat of blue paint, and does look much worse then before but none the less this was his house, trailer #44!!


  1. 1. Wow! That is gorgeous down there. We need to go soon.
    2. I'm glad you guys got into the office...I guess we won't be seeing you for a bit while you watch all the seasons!
    3. Nice trailer, Josh.
    4. Shannon, I love the scrapbooking thing! It is SO cute!

  2. first, i love that josh is wearing flip flops as you hiked Zions, that's hilarious. and what a ghetto trailer! good thing ya'll don't live there...