Tuesday, January 01, 2008


can you believe how much snow-- plus there was even more by the time we left

look at the huge icicle we have
(these are the treats we all made for the neighbors and we had to try them to make sure they tasted good... of course!)

So not only was this my first Christmas away from home, but it was also Josh and I's first Christmas as a married couple and my first white Christmas, and boy was it white. They(who ever they is) said that this was the most snow they have gotten in at least 5 years, and of course it was when I was there. We had so much fun! I think Collin came in about 7:30 saying "got get jacqs and josh", so we got out of bed and started the fun. We took a break about half way through, had some breakfast burritos and then finished up the fun. I will say the best was the massage table we got from Josh's parents! It is the best thing for me and my back!!!! Now we just have to find a spot to put it! I also was so excited about the picture i got for Josh. It's the George Washington one where he is praying next to his horse. He has wanted this picture for so long and i got a great and i mean great deal on it so i decided to break our Christmas limit( i didn't feel that bad b/c he broke it too) and get it for hime, and he was so excited!


  1. I hate to find faults, but your first white christmas was in texas the year we brought jackson as a baby...sorry, but it was his first white christmas and you can't take it away from him! jokes. (but for real it snowed, remember?)

  2. Looks like fun! We sure missed you guys!