Sunday, December 02, 2007


So after a crazy year of the number 1 ranked team being beat 4 times and the number 2 ranked team been beat 7 times, and the Bucks having a good season, winning there conferences and having only one loss-- they made it to the championship!! Josh is excited to see them play in the chanpionship but is so worried they will get killed again! I think he is most nervous because this was supposed to be a building year for Ohio State and now they are going to the championship playing LSU. He thinks that if they don't win this game then the Buckeyes will not being givin another chance to play in a championship game for a long time. I think it will be fun, and that's Josh to just worry!


  1. I won't show Tyler this one! He was really upset Ohio was going. You remember his feelings for the good ol' Buckeyes from school right?? Remember all the text messages you two passed back and forth? haha