Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend in Idaho

This last weekend Josh and I decided to go up to Idaho. We decided to go because Shaunie's birthday was on Monday and we hadn't seen everyone in a while. On the way down I turned to Josh and I realized we had talked about coming down, but were not sure if we had told anyone we were for sure coming. So when Kelli answered the door she was way surprised! It actually made it really fun! So Saturday morning, Josh's dad found us a place to watch the game, which was so funny. It was a sports bar and at 10 o'clock in the morning the only other people that were there was a couple guys already drinking beer. So Josh, Shaunie, Banger and I sat there with our pink lemonades, and hot fudge sundays. It was funny because when we order the sunday the guy turner to us and said we don't have those here. Josh showed him the menu and he laughed and said to be honest you guys are the first one's to ever order that here. We loved it! Later we went to see Bourne Ultimatum- which had a funny story too. It was towards the beginning of the movie where it starts to be intense and the movie freezes up and you can see the film start to burn and bubble up on the screen. So we waited for about 5 minutes while they restarted it, and it was still so awesome. Then Sunday we watch Fiddler on the Roof for my first time and I loved it, it was everything they talked it up to be. We kind of celebrated Shaunies birthday and then we headed home. It was a great weekend, we just wish we could do it more often.


  1. that was so fun having you two here. its true we don't get to see you guys near enough!

  2. I love the bar is awesome!