Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So we have been bad but we don't have Internet at our house and we are not at school anymore to use there computers. We have also not had time because we have been trying to catch up in Lost. I will say that we have not successfully watched all 3 Seasons, and 72 hours later it does not look like Josh was too exited about it. The night after we watched the season finale, Josh came home to type this:
What I Love Most About Lost

I love black smoke that is so awesome it can form into a massive smoke hand and pummel the cool huge black guy to death, but is somehow scared of the electric fence and is apparently unable to figure out how to go over it like the survivors did.

I love the Russian bad guy who can be electrocuted, foam at the mouth and shoot blood from his ears only to survive and be speared in the chest with a harpoon, only to survive and be blown up by the grenade…I look forward to his return next season.

I love how everyone on the island has at sometime or another had a drink with jack’s dad or was fathered by him.

I love how you never quite know if Locke’s legs will be working or not…they don’t work so Boone climbs the cliff but after he falls, Locke carries him back to camp…and when Locke’s laying in the pit shot in the stomach, they won’t work- but once Walt comes and tells him they work he’s able to hike for miles.

I love that everyone cheap shots and knocks each other out when the other guy’s not watching, but they never seem to hold a grudge or ever start looking over their shoulder when they turn around.

I love polar bears.

I love Michael…He is my favorite character! Just ask Jacqs! I especially love how everyone wants to help him look for Walt but he just hits them on the head and locks them in gun room instead. I know if I was a concerned parent who needed to go on a journey to save my son from a bunch of guys with guns who stole him in the night…that’s exactly what I’d do. I’d beat up my friends who wanted to help me and go alone.

I love that I will never be able to get the 72 hours I spent watching this awesome show back…they are gone forever…just like Mr. Ecko and the one eyed Russian. Well Ecko for sure, we’ll have to wait and see about the Russian.
David, you are going to have to talk this over with him, because i'm not too sure he is excited to watch the next 2 seasons.


  1. That was great! We missed you at the season finale. It was a lot of fun to watch all together. We will have to watch the first show of the season for sure together too. Although that's not until Feb. Whatever!

  2. Josh--let's schedule an interview.