Monday, November 13, 2006


I thought because I had a little time today I would blog some of the things we have done that I have pictures of. I always love looking at ya'll pictures so i thought it would be fun for ya'll to see what we are doing when where not at school. Because we decided to go tricker-treating with Collin and my nieces and nephews in Pleasant Groove on Halloween night, we thought it would be fun to go see the Thriller a couple days before. Its a dance performance, shown at the U of U, that they do every year around Halloween time. It was so a lot of fun, and something different to do on the weekend. This is everyone that went after the show getting something to eat at the "Pie" border="0" /> This is Josh playing with the camera, i guess he was a little bored!

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  1. okay jacqs...since you are done with school and josh is in finals, you need to make a new post. why don't you brag on how smart you are and how well you did on your finals? or how cute collin is saying "dacks" in the middle of relief society? or how cool your boyfriend's sister-in-law really is?